I hope that you enjoy looking at the images on the site. I offer a modern contemporary reportage style of wedding photography and I capture the day as it happens giving you a storybook of your special day.

I offer a range of different options for portraits, on this site you will see a small range of images from studio shots to location shoots. If you are interested please give me a ring and we can discuss your requirements.

I travel all over the Highlands, Inverness, Tain, Dornoch, Brora & Goslpie areas including the Orkney Islands and south of england for Weddings. Other places can also be covered by arrangement.

If you would like to make a booking or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 01955 603540 or mob 07769 655 669.

Address : 34A High Street, Wick, Caithness

E-mail address bainphotography@aol.co.uk


IMG_0030 Pet Portraits
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bw-0002 Portrait Baby / Children
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Wedding Deposit
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Baby Portraits
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IMG_3199w On Location Images
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Bump Portraits
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IMG_2849bw Wedding Gallery
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Scottish Dalmatian Club Show
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Photo session
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IMG_3896 Portraits Family
(Contains 140 photos)
Chrome small multi 3000 Frames
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IMG_5761border Landscapes
(Contains 23 photos)
Any of these images can be either mounted and framed to your choice or you could purchase a Canvas Print in any size for your wall.

For more details please contact me on 01955 603540 or 07769 655 669.
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sepia-0284 Daniel
(Contains 21 photos)
sepia-1281 Liz
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IMG_2119 East End Football
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dally frame frames
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Zara 2
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Charlie & Orla
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m-1XNjZMrHIehbHUF_Ysr5w Pets Stuff
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IMG_5633 Poppy & Beau
(Contains 18 photos)
sepia-2601 lisa
(Contains 93 photos)
bw-9349 Georgie
(Contains 109 photos)
bw-8396 Zoe
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bw-5445 ashleigh
(Contains 51 photos)
sepia-0786 Danya
(Contains 218 photos)
IMG_3125 baby Amber
(Contains 95 photos)
IMG_1377 Jennifer
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bw-2915 katie
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bw-1152 Chelsea
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